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Mr Zack
Muhammad Zahid
Freelance Web Designer

Hi! I am Muhammad Zahid a.k.a Mr Zack. I am a freelance web designer. Delved into website designing since 2010. My design aptitude stems from my studies in the Diploma in Interior Design from Singapore Polytechnic while my web design capability is strengthen with my studies in NICF Advanced Certificate in IT Services (Infrastructure Support). My capabilities are tested each and every time a client propose a new website to create. Sometimes I create random websites such as stufftoshare.tk just to see what I can actually accomplish.


To seek and equip individuals, small businesses and organizations with a strong online presence: the website. We are also reaching out to internet marketers who have difficulties creating their website, sales page and squeeze page, and enable them to start their online presence.


To extend my services world wide, travel the world and design websites on the go. I want to reach as many people as possible and kick start their online presence.

See more of the designer in me through my portfolio.