About Us

We are Website Design Service Experts. We help you design & build your website.

Have you ever found yourself lost while building your own website? You spend months if not days trying to figure things out and still do not have a working website? You may have run across terms such as DNS, name servers or A records and after reading up on it, you may still find yourself lost. Here is where we step in.

We’re here to help you design and build your website.

Based in the island nation Singapore, we are a one man team that delved into web design since 2006. We started by building websites from scratch on a Windows 98 computer using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and later on PHP using a widely know text editor called Notepad++. We then transitioned to building websites using the Content Management System called WordPress. Web design quickly became an easier and faster process to create websites because of it’s versatility both in function and design capabilities which does not restrict creativity.

Soon we began to build websites for friends and small businesses. We are very grateful for the support of the local businesses that engaged us for our website design services in our startup phase. Soon we found ourselves working with prominent names such as Tavia Wong. zackdesignz.com continues to run strong to serve you with web design services.

Web Hosting

As part of our web design services, we provide domain name and web hosting for your website.


Here's what our friends say about us

"You’re very specific, detailed and hard working person, and more importantly you worked till late night just to answer to my enquiry. Thanks you so much Zack! I really love the way you designed my website. I will definitely recommend to my friends. 🙂 EXCELLENT SERVICE!"
Sheikh Harrith
Travel Influencer
"Zahid is a fast and conscientious worker! He patiently helped me to do up my rebranding of the site, animation and helped me to incorporate my design ideas into actual results. He's also responsible and gives me high quality work - I recommend his website design services."
Tavia Wong
Internet Marketing Specialist
"I’m impressed with your effort especially when you had to work late sometimes as I had a deadline to meet. You were also very detailed. I will certainly recommend your services to any of my contacts who need to have a website done. Once again, thank you."
Ace Soccer Academy Coach

Still have questions ?

Need more help to figure out the best way to approach your project. Do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you may request for quotation detailing as much as you can about your project.