Brand Colors for your website

Brand Colors

So you want to start a business and in your plans you want to have a website. However, a common question arises: What colors do I use for my website? What colors do I use for my website? Previously I have written a post about the Perception of Colors. I have summarized how colors can […]

Perception of Colors

Colors affect our lives. It impacts our perception of various things in the world. Our upbringing influence how we see colors. It is most important to note that different cultures perceive colors differently. While the color red may be auspicious to the Chinese, some South Africa cultures may associate the color red with mourning. Quoting […]

Minimalist Design

We often hear of this design concept. We reckon you know what it is but why go for minimalist design when you can go for funky or glamorous styles? In this post, we’ll explore this minimal option. A lot of people will often start with contemporary or minimalist design when choosing a theme for their […]

Is a website even necessary?

Nowadays, yes! I see this in two ways. Firstly, from the perspective of a salesman and secondly, from the perspective of an online marketer. Let’s talk about the salesman first. What comes to mind when I mention salesman? Cold calling? Those annoying guys in the streets who keeps stopping you in your tracks? They will […]

Quick way to creating a responsive website(2019)

Building a website in the year 2019? Here’s what you probably know. Nowadays, everything we do is done through a mobile phone. Mobile searches took over the desktop and laptop searches for a long time time. It’s a no brainer that the first point of contact to your services is often via the search results […]

Welcome to the new face of

It took us a whole week to revamp our website and we are proud to present to you our newly redesigned website. Take a look at this video that captured the old version of our website design (don’t mind the music ya :p ). Mind you that was the second design on The website that […]

Ace Soccer Academy SG

Website old design: Website revamped design: Website: Type: Academy Website Business: Kids Soccer and Training Testimonial: Thanx Zackdesignz for your helping me with my website. I’m impressed with your effort especially when you had to work late sometimes as I had a deadline to meet. You were also very detailed. I will certainly recommend your services to any of my […]


Front Page: About Page: Program Page: Get Started Page: Blog Page: Website: Type: Blog / Personal Website Business: Internet Marketer / Growth Hacker Testimonial: Zahid is a fast and conscientious worker! He patiently helped me to do up my rebranding of the site, animation and helped me to incorporate my design ideas into actual results. He’s also responsible […]

Little Asian Abroad

1st Design: 2nd Design: 3rd Design: Website: Type: Video Squeeze Page Business: Internet Marketer / Traveller Testimonial: Hey Zack, I just wanted to send you a quick testimonial about your website designing. You’re very specific, detailed and hard working person, and more importantly you worked till late night just to answer to my enquiry. Thanks you […]