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What is webhosting?

Webhosting or website hosting is the place where your website lives, like a house for your webpages. A web host allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. We have covered a bit on this here but here’s a more in depth explanation on what is webhosting. Websites are basically […]

Website.. the shop, the gas station and the desert

A website is like a shop except it’s in the desert. What do I mean? Let’s look at the physical shop. The physical shop. It is build at a physical place, somewhere along a street or a shopping mall. These locations are busy with people depending on what kind of area it is. There are […]

Why have a website?

Why bother with a website right? Ya.. Why need one? I have a business, a shop. It’s running well for years now. Okay so let’s say there is this one person who is a do it yourself kind of person and he wants to look for a certain kind of plastic. He did a search on google […]

Why Hire A Web Designer?

A bit self promoting here but read this one out and consider if hiring a web designer is wise for you. A lot of online business owners start with no money. They have to do everything themselves — the preparation of a product, the development of a marketing strategy, the actual building of a website […]