Nowadays, yes!

I see this in two ways. Firstly, from the perspective of a salesman and secondly, from the perspective of an online marketer.

Let’s talk about the salesman first.

What comes to mind when I mention salesman? Cold calling? Those annoying guys in the streets who keeps stopping you in your tracks? They will start to say keywords like just just five minutes of your time or this is for charity or free thumb drive or something else. You know them. You have your opinion of them. All they are doing is pitching to each and every person they see before qualifying them. In the online world, this is the same as posting an advertisement or spam sharing a particular post about your product on social media. You are reaching out to practically everyone. Not everyone want what you have.

Don’t get me wrong. The salesman are doing the correct thing to reach out to more people. In fact, once you qualify the correct person you can get sales. I have been to an on the job training in sales at a petrol kiosk. There are stages from greeting to qualifying to pitching then demonstration of products followed by closing. Jolt down how many person you manage to talk to and up to what stage did they listen to you. With this data you can do a self check on what you said during the pitch or your body language or your inability to keep the prospect engaged with you or you are just shy and scared. Yes i was shy and scared but once you improve you get sales. You get income. But online, if you don’t know about sales funnel and you are just whacking, then it’s just spamming.

Hey I have done it. In the name of free marketing methods, I keep spamming the stuff i sell to various Facebook groups. Yes the first few posts reshares got me one to two thousand views in a short time but it eventually fades.

Here’s something i saw a local business did. The business is about cakes and cookies. They were and still promoting via the various social media platforms. Decent sales and decent reviews. They even had an e-commerce site launched. Things changed when they started an account on Shoppee. Sales and queries skyrocketed! The learning point here is: know where your customers are. What platform do they usually hang out in? Once you know this, you can leverage on existing user base of the platform and take advantage of it. Depending on your business type, if you can do this, then you practically have no need for a website. You save a lot of costs.

The problem with this is not many people are good at identifying this profitable platforms. Everybody just quote Facebook has several million users and then use the platform. Hey, you still need to get people to know, like and trust you and your products or services.

This is where i come to the second perspective, the online marketer. I just mentioned the concept ot know, like and trust. It is a concept i myself am still trying to implement with my endeavors. Once done well, this KLT method will bring you far in terms of branding and company image.

In implementing KLT, content is king. This is something long term option and it brings long term benefits if done right. This is unlike salesman where only Like and Trust can be done in the short time the salesman meets the prospect. In Knowing who you are through your content, the marketer gains more credibility and authenticity to the eyes of the prospect or potential customer. Once people know you they can decide if they like you. Only after enough trust is created then not only will people be paying customers, they will become loyal customers.

The perfect platform for people to Know, Like and Trust you is your website. Your website gives you the opportunity to brand your business, and craft your message in the way you want your customers to see. The biggest plus point is it’s your own platform. There will be no moderators or rules that may limit you when you use other platforms. You own your website. It’s your rules. But of course it must be backed by a sound business strategy.

So that’s what do you think of my perspective on this?

~ Zack

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