We often hear of this design concept. We reckon you know what it is but why go for minimalist design when you can go for funky or glamorous styles? In this post, we’ll explore this minimal option.

A lot of people will often start with contemporary or minimalist design when choosing a theme for their websites. This design style has been around for awhile and it is used not only in web design but also in architecture, interior design, graphic design and several other design faculties.

What are the functions and elements necessary for the website to achieve it’s purpose?

The main strategy is to focus on the main elements that needs to be on the website. What are the functions and elements necessary for the website to achieve it’s purpose? Then, simply remove or reduce any other extra items such as widgets, flash animations, unnecessary phrases or anything that is not essential to your website. There are also factors such as typography, the use of white spaces and several more.

According to the CreativeLive, two of the six guidelines are:

  1. Leave room to breathe
  2. Limit color

To leave room to breathe is to use negative space also know as white space (it can be other colors though). Here’s a screenshot from a section of the Apple(Singapore) website:

Look at how the focus is put on to the iPhone 12 Pro. There is nothing on the sides and the font size used is made bigger then the navigation bar so that the focus remains at the masterpiece that is the iPhone 12 Pro.

Also notice that there are only three colors used. The black background which bring out the white fonts of the copywriting and the blue of the phone itself accentuating the phone and the overall mood.

Two simple techniques of the minimalist design concept can bring about a great portrayal of Apple’s latest products which can boost sales.

We also took advantage of this two simple tips to design our front page which is the first thing our website visitors see.

We used three main colors and applied a good amount of white space. A centered alignment of Zackdesignz’s logo followed by the copy which leads the visitor’s eyes as he reads about how we can help and down to the Call-To-Action buttons.

I hope this the simple tips in this post helps you while you are designing your website and if you do run into any difficulties while doing that, you can get in touch with us. The link to our contact details is on every page in our website.

So how do you use the minimalist design for your website?