Colors affect our lives. It impacts our perception of various things in the world. Our upbringing influence how we see colors. It is most important to note that different cultures perceive colors differently. While the color red may be auspicious to the Chinese, some South Africa cultures may associate the color red with mourning.

Quoting from an article by shutterstock:

Color quite literally colors the way we view our world.

Here are some psychology behind colors.

When we see red, it attracts the human eye. It warns us of danger and the need of urgency while it also reflects passion and strength. In contrast, the color green is the most restful color. Green relates to nature, healing and peace.

Blue is very commonly associated with the sea and water. It also reflects stability and productivity which is no wonder that it is the most used office color. If you shift to the darker shade of the color blue, you will get Navy Blue which is the color worn by officers in the Royal Navy. In this case it, conveys importance, confidence, power, and authority.

Yellow is a Happy Color. The sense of optimism and cheerfulness is clearly reflected in brands such as McDonald’s Subway and Burger King. McDonald’s is so synonymous with this color that it’s cheerfulness stands with its decade-long catch-phrase “I’m Lovin ‘It”

We love black! We used this color to achieve a classy design when we first designed our website and our namecard back in 2016.

Black is also commonly associated with authority, mystery, power, elegance and formality.

Grey is generally conservative. It also reflects security, reliability, and to some extend professional wisdom. Against a black background, we tend to use light gray for font colors to give a subtle presence of the paragraph instead of white which is sometimes glaring.

White is purity, cleanliness, neutrality and innocence. White is a good color to train you design skills with.

To summarize, colors influence:

  • the human behavior
  • the human perception of things
  • the taste of food
  • how attractive something is

If you need help with what colors to choose for your website or design, contact us. We are glad to help.

Stay safe.
~ Zack

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