Building a website in the year 2019?

Here’s what you probably know.

Nowadays, everything we do is done through a mobile phone. Mobile searches took over the desktop and laptop searches for a long time time. It’s a no brainer that the first point of contact to your services is often via the search results on a mobile phone. Websites in 2019 need to be presented not only responsively to the various mobile devices but also captures the attention of visitors fast! This is very different from the traditional desktop websites.

The question is, do you still need a website in 2019?


This is especially true when people are looking up a new brand or company or product that they see in a local advertisement along the street or their mobile phone itself. What do you do when you see an awesome looking shoe that you saw in an advertisement at the bus stop? I would most likely take out my phone and do a search for the name of the shoe. If the advertisement states the website, I will straightaway key in the website address and immediately get information on the shoe. If I really like it, I may even buy it. Wouldn’t you?

Now if the website design turns out to be difficult to navigate and it is confusing to get more details about the shoe or the image turns out blur, I may be very disappointed and surf away from the website. If the website is not mobile friendly, it may be a lot more difficult to scroll down the website and you may need to zoom in and out repeatedly to get the information you want. Now that’s awful.

So here’s what you need to focus on when creating websites:

Make your website responsive!

A sure fire way to build a really responsive website is by using a website building services such as and With a super easy to user interface where you can just drag and drop items that you need in your website, you will create a website in no time. Plus it will be responsive!

You can create an account for these services for free and test out your new website and see if your new business is viable or not.

That’s all I have for today.

Have a good day ahead!