Hi and welcome to Zackdesignz.com! I am Muhammad Zahid a.k.a Mr Zack, founder of Zackdesignz.com. I do website building, tweaks on your websites and support your website on a regular basis. I focus on new business startups which require an online presence fast.

On that note, especially for those who are completely new to this, I would like to introduce you to setting up a website. There are 3 components. They are:

  • Securing a domain name
  • Purchasing a webhosting service
  • Designing and building your website

Securing a Domain Name

A domain name is a unique name of your website on the Internet. I’m sure you have used Facebook.com, Twitter.com and this website: zackdesignz.com. These are domain names. You might also have noticed that each domain name ends with .com letters. These are called TLDs – Top Level Domains and there are several possible TLDs. When you buy your domain name, you must choose one of them. Most popular TLDs are as follows:

  • .com and .biz – originally intended for “commercial” websites, but now used for all types of websites. Whenever possible, you should get a .com domain because people are most familiar with them.
  • .info – intended for informational websites (news, directories, etc).
  • .org – intended for non-profit organizations
  • .net – intended for companies offering hosting, Internet access, and other Internet-related services.
  • .name – intended for personal homepages.
  • Country TLDs. Each country has a domain ending associated with it. For example, Germany has a TLD .de, France has .fr and Singapore has .sg. You should consider buying a country-specific domain if you expect that most visitors to your website will be from a specific country, because they will be most familiar with their country’s TLD.

Most companies use .com. After all com is short for company. There are also unique TLDs like .host , .me , .tk and many other. Some of this TLDs are really expensive while others are completely free. Having a custom TLD can bring a sense of being unique to it and in some cases even personal branding such as how about.me is doing it. It all depends on your type of business. I personally use namecheap.com to buy my domain names. Its really easy, very dependable and it also provides additional services such as webhosting.

Purchasing a Web Hosting

Webhosting is the place where you keep all your online stuff such as the website pages, images and videos as well as databases. Without webhosting your website cannot exist. There are several good webhosting companies that provide webhosting services. Here are some webhosting companies we recommend:

For a startup business, I will recommend using shared hosting as a start. As your business grow and you start getting more and more visitors to your website, you can then upgrade your web hosting account to a more powerful plan. You can also upgrade you website to a dedicated hosting plans when your website start to have more complex functions which your clients find valuable and frequently use.

There are also companies that provide free web hosting with options to upgrade to paid webhosting. These may come with benefits such as free sub-domains and unlimited bandwidths but there are usually a number of limitations that comes with such services. Also be warned that these free webhosting services may delete your website if your website does not have traffic or is detected to be used for storage purposes only or other reasons.

Personally, I own one such free webhosting service and I use it to test out new ideas, create new websites to learn and test out new technologies and also hobby/side projects where I feel that it’s unnecessary to pay for. You can also sign up for an account here.

Designing and building your website

There are three ways I know to go about building your website, two of which I can do for you. They are:

  1. designing a website with a unique design unlike other websites out there
  2. set up CMS websites.

CMS is short for Content Management System. Websites powered by CMS allows users to easily manage their website content. The 3 of the most used CMS: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal comes with a blog feature which is a vital part of content marketing in today’s world.

The third way to build your website by building it from ground up. This is the most expensive option and is advised only for businesses which require websites to do more complex task. Essentially, the website is not an ordinary website. It can now be called a web application. It’s like building your own facebook.com or your own productivity website such as zoho.com or a whole secured system behind every banking website and applications. These kind of projects require highly skilled developers to build your website. Some webhosting services also provide website set up services. Do get the best services suitable for business and get your great website up!

I hope this short article was of help to you on your stepping stones to creating a great website. If you are interested to get your online presence up contact me here.