A website is like a shop except it’s in the desert. What do I mean? Let’s look at the physical shop.

The physical shop.
It is build at a physical place, somewhere along a street or a shopping mall. These locations are busy with people depending on what kind of area it is. There are lots of people seeing the shop as they pass by. The shop may choose to just display their items on the rack or they may have colorful signboards featuring the shop’s name and the items on sale. Either ways people come to the shop. They buy things. The shop makes money.

The Gas Station
There are also shops at locations such as the gas station. Often there are shops, cafes or even a whole shopping mall at the gas station. These gas stations are located in the middle of nowhere along a really long stretch of road or a highway. Travelers on a long trip often need to take a break, get food or go to the toilet. Unless the shops at these locations are really popular or the location is truly strategic, their customers are only the users of the road connected to the gas station.

The desert
Imagine a shop in the desert. I don’t think there are shops in the desert except for maybe travelling merchants one may occasionally encounter along the way. But a shop located in the desert won’t get customer nor sales. This is the reality of a newly setup website.

The website
A website is like a shop but its not physical. Its virtual. This is if you use your website as a shop to sell things. If you use a website to let’s say keep all your family occasions and memories, and every now and then show to your cousins or friends to remember the good old days, then it does not matter if your website gets a visitor or not.

So if you use a website to sell something then once you have a website all done, you must promote it non stop or else your website, although it’s still online, will never have a visitor. You must develop a strategy to get your business going. This is another topic altogether and its huge. Its called internet marketing. Having a website is just a small part of it. Sometimes, depending on the strategy you use, a website is not even necessary. This I cover on my facebook page “Internet Marketing with Zack“.

I hope this post helps you.

Your friend,