Webhosting or website hosting is the place where your website lives, like a house for your webpages. A web host allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. We have covered a bit on this here but here’s a more in depth explanation on what is webhosting.

Websites are basically created using Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). When they are created they are saved as files we call webpages. They are usually saved with the “htm” or the “html” file extension. Try opening these kind of files on your favorite internet browser and you will see the webpage that is being created or even ready such as the about page. If you want a services page or a faq page, you will need to create two more webpages.

After you are done with all the webpages, you need to upload them to a web hosting. We use www.ifastnet.com Choose your web hosting package based on the type of website you want to have. If your website is an informational site, personal site, forums or blogs, the simplest package will be fine. If you are creating a website similar to let say facebook you will need a more advanced package. Check with the web hosting service provider or drop us an email to get advice on which package is best for you.

Once you are done purchasing your web hosting, upload the webpages. Visit your website and wala!! You are done. The next thing you got to do is promote your website.

I hope this short article helps you understand a bit more on webhosting. If you are really lost and need some help on this drop us a message here.

All the best!