Why bother with a website right? Ya.. Why need one? I have a business, a shop. It’s running well for years now.

Okay so let’s say there is this one person who is a do it yourself kind of person and he wants to look for a certain kind of plastic. He did a search on google on his phone and found out that its exactly called corrugated polypropylene. Then he keyed in where to find corrugated polypropylene on his browser then come up a list of places where he can find this plastic.

Guess what?

He found the place to go to.

And it’s not yours.

Imagine how many people actually go to the internet to look for the things they want? You are already losing a lot of potential customers to the businesses that have a website. And you are already helping potential customers by being available online and saving them the need to go walking from shop to shop with a chance of not finding what they need? If you maintain with a physical shop, at best it’s by luck that they find your shop. Only the people who lives at the area nearby your shop knows that your shop is there. What if, in the long run, the people from your area move out and lesser people pass by your shop? If you have a website or any form of online presence with strong following from loyal customers, you will at least have that to fall back to if you have to close your shop. Do you agree with me?

Here’s a case study. I have a friend who does interior design. He doesn’t have a physical shop but he has a website which he approached me to have it done. He promotes his website on his Facebook wall and on his page and now he is running a good business. His website is fase.com.sg

I hope this helps you to decide on having a website?

Your friend,